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“Need to zoom in super close to show very small objects? Need to project any medium to any type of display? This is a quality product; it's incredibly versatile and works fantastic.”

Amazon Customer

Amazon Review of IPEVO VZ-R


“The picture is so incredibly clear. My students have seen a huge difference in the clarity of the material that I show.”

Wendy Goodwin ∣ Apollo Elementary

Wishpool Winner of IPEVO V4K


“Students are now even more excited about getting some ‘air-time’ (what we call it when they are ‘guest professors’) and the classroom has become more socratic as well as an exciting place to be!”

Carolyn Wingate ∣ Dartmouth Middle School

Wishpool Winner of IPEVO VZ-X


“I have found that when students have the document camera in front of them, they feel more empowered to share their thoughts and ideas and take greater ownership of their own learning.”

Augustine Lopez ∣ Greenwood Forest Elementary School

Wishpool Winner of IPEVO VZ-X

IPEVO VZ-X in User Experience Testing

“The VZ-X has the capacity to provide an unhindered user testing environment, allowing for a pure analysis and ultimately the ideal user experience for critically important digital product development across markets and industries.”

Director of Strategy, ArtVersion

IPEVO in User Experience Testing

IPEVO VZ-X in Tech Class

A VZ-X wireless document camera was used in the tech class for teaching a group of senior audience how to use smartphones and iPads. It was connected to a computer, then to a projector for projection. When the instructor placed a smartphone or iPad under VZ-X and demonstrated how to use it, the audience followed along as they watched the hand gestures of the instructor onscreen.

Los Gatos Library, CA

IPEVO in Tech Class

IPEVO VZ-R in Prevention & Treatment of Fish Diseases Workshop

Using a VZ-R document camera hooked up to a computer then to a projector for large screen projection of close-up observations of the disease treatment process for fish.

Dr. Gerald Bassleer, Fish Pathologist

IPEVO in Prevention & Treatment of Fish Diseases Workshop

IPEVO VZ-R in Zentangle Workshop

“The VZ-R has excellent color reproduction! Be it colored or black and white lines, they all showed up clearly. Even tiny dust particles can be seen! Using an HDMI cable, the VZ-R can be connected directly to a projector or TV. And its focusing speed is super fast! It can also swivel and rotate in many more angles and directions.”

Wanyi Lin, Instructor of Zentangle & Pastel Nagomi Art

IPEVO in Zentangle Workshop


“Lifesaver for my classroom!!! Clarity is amazing and the size is perfect! Classroom must have it!”

Coach Sara

Amazon Review of IPEVO V4K


“Wow! I’m so impressed that I’m logging on just to review. The quality of the documents I’m projecting is super high! If you need to project or if you have a classroom - buy this!”

Elianne Calenderr

Amazon Review of IPEVO VZ-R


“The picture quality is nice and my students can see the notes very well. Ladies, make sure if you do your nails, they are looking good because it will show if they aren’t lol.”


Amazon Review of IPEVO V4K


“Aging parents with macular degeneration cannot read anymore without some magnification aids. This device plus a TV can do what CCTV magnifiers costing $2K to $3K do.”

W. Lo

Amazon Review of IPEVO VZ-R


“This document camera has given my class the opportunity to engage in hands-on whole group lessons. It has been so wonderful!”

Christy Halasowski ∣ Pivik Elementary

Wishpool Winner of IPEVO V4K


“Love using our Ipevo document camera to share ideas across groups. The wireless document camera makes it easy for students to share with each other.”

Michael Soskil ∣ Author, Speaker, Teacher, Leader

Twitter Testimonial of IPEVO VZ-X

IPEVO VZ-X for the Visually Impaired

“I was offered an opportunity to have my students redesign the VZ-X Wireless 8MP Doc camera for a local 2nd-grade student. This has been dubbed the ‘Payton Project’ and my students are excited to assist her in becoming a little more independent in her classroom. Payton suffers from severe visual impairment (20/800) as well as several physical impairments.”

Brent Nummerdor, Machining/Engineering Teacher

IPEVO for the Visually Impaired

IPEVO VZ-X in Life Coaching Workshop

“It works perfectly to show transcripts, layouts, and designs, as well as to demonstrate hand lettering stroke-by-stroke. The VZ-X can also be wirelessly connected to my laptop, making it possible to move around (in larger rooms) to share participants’ work with others.”

Tamara Zulechner, Life Coach & Counselor

IPEVO in Life Coaching Workshop


“Wow! So simple to use and brings written material to life in the classroom. Don’t leave home without it”

Robert Carr

Amazon Review of IPEVO VZ-R


“The IPEVO allowed me to show the students how to fill out forms, use a calculator to total orders, write checks, and so much more! The thing I loved most was my back was never to my students!”

Natalie Muthersbaugh ∣ Sol C Johnson High School

Wishpool Winner of IPEVO VZ-R


“My visualiser has reduced my workload – no longer do I take piles of books home to mark, as my visualiser enables me to give live, instant feedback in class. How did I ever survive without one?!”

Sarah Larsen ∣ Geography teacher

Twitter Testimonial of IPEVO VZ-R


“Wow! I love this device. Once I downloaded the app to my Apple TV/projector and connected it to Wi-Fi, I was teaching like a PRO!”

Tracie Wooten ∣ West Point Intermediate

Wishpool Winner of IPEVO VZ-X

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