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P2V Point 2 View USB Document Camera

P2V Point 2 View USB Document Camera

I'd like to integrate P2V into my software/system, how do I start?

IPEVO Document cameras (P2V/ Ziggi) are the UVC compatible cameras. UVC, the USB video device class is a USB device class that describes devices capable of streaming video like webcams, digital camcorders, transcoders, analog video converters, television tuners, and still-image cameras. For developers or cooperations who are looking to integrate IPEVO Document Camera into your own softwares or services, Please refer to the note below:

Mac application:

Apple Developer kit has implemented UVC driver
- QTKit
- AV Foundation

Windows application:

DirectShow API, which is included in Windows SDK, provides UVC controls.

If you need more information or further assistance, please contact us.

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