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Ziggi USB Document Camera

Ziggi USB Document Camera

Question & Answers

  • What is the difference between P2V and Ziggi-HD?
  • I have 2048x1536 but no 2592x1944 in resolution options.
  • Exposure adjustment keys do not work.
  • Ziggi-HD is taking forever to focus.
  • The video is extremely lagging at 2592X1944
  • The focus is not clear.
  • Why is the video slow/lagging?
  • Does Ziggi-HD work on Chromebook?
  • I'd like to integrate Ziggi-HD into my software/system, how do I start?
  • Does Ziggi-HD work with SMART notebook software?
  • Can I take snapshots during video calls?
  • What is the focus range of Ziggi-HD?
  • I cannot view the video image on my computer, including the Presenter software and/or Skype.
  • Video images in the Presenter Software are slower than expected.
  • How do I add extra light when using in a dark environment?
  • What Instant Messaging software does Ziggi-HD support?
  • Does Ziggi-HD have face-tracking or motion-detection features?
  • The Presenter software shows a blank screen, but video appears in Skype or other software.
  • Video is blurry/unfocused.
  • Video appears distorted when I move Ziggi-HD.
  • Video is mirrored when I use a third-party application such as PhotoBooth.
  • Ziggi-HD's settings cannot be changed while using a third party application.
  • When Presenter software is running, other applications slow down.
  • My computer keeps asking for a driver for Ziggi-HD.
  • I am unable to exit presentation mode (with the ESC/Escape key) while Presenter is running.
  • Do I need to install a driver or software to use Ziggi-HD?
  • Can I record video using Ziggi-HD?
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